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Welcoming Greetings from the Director

Alberto_Rizzuti2.jpgEvery year our Doctoral School welcomes hundreds of new Ph.D. students: ahead of them is a three- or four-year-course of studies. For Ph.D. recipients, instead, that experience is already a memory that will be kept for the rest of their lives.
Most of them will cherish the excitement of working on a project that has resulted not only from their personal interests and constant commitment, but also from the fruitful intellectual exchange with professors, peer candidates and scholars.
This is, indeed, the main purpose of our Doctoral School: to foster personal interests, satisfy individual curiosity and, especially, enhance one’s passion for a research activity that, while never forgetting the past, has the ambition to contribute in making a better present.
Our Ph.D. Programs offer many opportunities: candidates are encouraged to explore and select the facilities, the teaching and research networks, and the faculty members that suit their projects the best. The award of a Ph.D. is a first step toward a satisfying employment.
My best wishes to everyone.

Alberto Rizzuti

Director of the Doctoral School

Last update: 02/11/2020 17:41
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