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Dissertation and award of Ph.D.

Submission of Dissertation

Within the last year of the Ph.D. Program, Ph.D. candidates must submit a report concerning all activities carried out during the last year of Ph.D. Upon positive assessment by the Doctoral Board, Ph.D. candidates will be admitted to the final examination.

Editorial norms and requirements - style, formatting and submission of dissertation - are set out by each Ph.D. Program. Ph.D. candidates are invited to discuss about specific guidelines with their Supervisor and Ph.D. Coordinator. A provided template must be used for the Cover sheet only. To consult Academic Fields and Disciplines List (Settori Scientifico-DIsciplinari-SSD), please, click here.
The dissertation must be accompanied by an abstract and written in Italian or English. The use of other languages has to be approved by the Doctoral Board.

Please, note that, according to the Ministerial Decree n. 45/2013, Ph.D. candidates cannot apply for any time extension for submitting their dissertation.

Final Examination

The date and time of the final examination is scheduled by the Doctoral Board. The dissertation defense is open to the public and held in front of an Examination Committee appointed by the Rector.
A successful final examination entails concurrent award of the Ph.D. degree.

Deposit of dissertation

Within 15 days from the final examination and the awarding of the Ph.D. Degree, it is necessary to submit the following documents to the Ph.D. Office:

  • Self-declaration affidavit
  • Copy of ID/Passport
  • Copy of the Dissertation, uploaded on a Drive folder. The Ph.D. Office will share the dedicated Drive folder.


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