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Financial aid

Starting from the 36th Cycle, the annual gross amount of a standard scholarship is € 17.500,00.
Doctoral scholarships are funded by resources allocated every year by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Doctoral scholarships may also be funded by third parties or through national or international funded Programs (such as, for example, European Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, China Scholarship Council, etc.). In such cases, the scholarship amount may differ. Ph.D. Programs may also provide positions with scholarship reserved to students holding foreign qualifications, to employees of companies in agreement with the University of Turin or linked to specific research topics.

Scholarships are awarded according to a merit ranking system.

When applying for a Ph.D. position with scholarship advertised in the Call for Applications, candidates also apply for a scholarship. Therefore, a separate application is not necessary. Detailed information on the number and typology of scholarships available are enclosed in the Ph.D. Program Call for Applications annexes.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) offers grants in favor of foreign citizens not residing in Italy and of Italian citizens living abroad (IRE). These grants require a separate application. Please, check the information posted on the Study in Italy website.

Please, note that:

  • a doctoral scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship but those awarded by national or foreign institutions aimed at supplementing scholarship recipients‘ research and training activity through periods abroad;
  • according to the law, scholarship recipients must register with INPS Gestione Separata. The registration must be done right after the beginning of the PhD Program.

Ph.D. candidates may spend periods of time abroad for research and study purposes.  
The stay abroad cannot, however, last more than half of the length of the PhD Program (namely, 18 months for three years Programs and 24 months for four years Programs). Research abroad must be discussed with the student’s supervisor and authorized by the Ph.D. Program Coordinator.
If entitled to, a Ph.D. candidate can apply for a 50% increase of her/his scholarship when studying abroad. The scholarship increase may cover a period of up to 12 months. This period may be extended up to 18 months in case a Ph.D. candidate have signed a joint-supervision agreement or is enrolled in an international joint PhD program.The fixed amount is paid according to the number of days spent abroad.

How to apply

Applications for the increase of scholarship must be submitted online to the Ph.D. Program Coordinator.
The online application system allows candidates to:

  • apply for the research abroad authorization (applications must be sent at least 48 hours before departure)
  • apply for an extension of the research abroad
  • submit a continuity declaration, to use every two months if the stay abroad is ongoing and longer than 60 days (in order to be paid through bimonthly instalments rather than in a single payment at the end of the stay)
  • submit a notification of the end of their stay abroad within and not later than two weeks from their  arrival in Italy
  • upload letter of invitations or other relevant documents
  • check the application status

To apply for the increase of the scholarship, Ph.D. candidates must apply online at this link: (access with UniTO SCU credentials).

For further details about the online application, please, see the Guide to applying for scholarship increase.

Scholarship increase payment

As a practice, increase applications approved by the PhD Coordinator within the first 10 days of the month are paid on 25th of the following month. Increases are paid together with the scholarship.

All Ph.D. candidates, regardless of their scholarship status, receive up to 10% of the doctoral scholarship amount for research or training activities in Italy and abroad. Ph.D. candidates can apply for this budget from the first year of their Ph.D. Program.
As established by the University (deliberation of 13 October 2020), this budget may be used for activities included but not limited to the following list:

  • conference registration
  • enrolment in complementary and transferable skills training or language classes
  • research trips in Italy or abroad
  • purchase of laboratory consumables, bibliographic material, software
  • publications
  • purchase of PC/tablets (to be returned to the University, once the Ph.D. Programme has concluded)

How to apply

Application must be submitted before any expenses. The Hub (Area di Polo) pertaining to the department of the Ph.D. Coordinator will guide Ph.D. Candidates in applying for this budget. The application procedure may be different according to the type of expense.
Ph.D. candidates must send their authorized applications to the Hub (Area di Polo) pertaining the department of their Ph.D. Coordinator. The application procedure may vary according to the different kinds of expense.

When traveling for research purposes, Ph.D. candidates can apply through the U-WEB Missioni app, available at the link which can be accessed by typing one’s UniTO credentials.

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