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Living in Turin

Useful information about living and studying in Torino are available at the following links:

UniTO Webpage – Living in Turin

Study in Torino

University presentation: a guide to discover UniTo

How to live, sleep, move and have fun in the city: City of Turin website

Tourism, culture and leisure time in Turin : Turism in Turin website

Turin as a city of Knowledge, Innovation and Culture:

University residences:
EDISU Piemonte

Collegio Einaudi

Osservatorio Piemonte (which includes a list of Turin University Residences and Housing services)

Other useful links:
Study in Torino

Sportello Abitare Giovani

Cerco alloggio

Sportello casa Piemonte

Camplus e Camplus Torino Regio Parco

Stesso piano

Luoghi comuni

Social Housing

Temporary accomodations:
Torino Giovani

Specific information for incoming Ph.D candidates is available at the page Enrollment, under the item "International Ph.D. candidates".

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