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Simultaneous activities during the Ph.D.

Working during the Ph.D.

The priority of a Ph.D. candidate is the completion of his/her research training. Upon approval of the Doctoral Board, Ph.D. candidates may be involved in undergraduate teaching, lecturing, tutoring and in clinical activities when compatible with their courses of study.
In the circumstance of paid work (employment or self-employed activity), Ph.D. candidates must report it at the time of the enrollment. Any work activity not related to the doctoral research requires the approval of the Doctoral Board in compliance with the existing legislation.

In any case, scholarship recipients’ wage cannot exceed the ministerial amount of a Ph.D. scholarship (16, 243 euros gross).

Concurrent Enrolment in different Degree Programs

The simultaneous enrollment in a Ph.D. program and in a different university degree program must be communicated to the Doctoral Board, which shall assess the compatibility.

Please, note that the content of this webpage is being updated in accordance with the Law n. 33/2022 “Provisions on simultaneous enrolment in two higher education programmes”. For further details, please see the page (in Italian):

Legge n. 33/2022

D.M. n. 930/2022

Delibera del Senato Accademico del 21 marzo 2023

Concurrent Enrollment in a Medical Specialization Program

Ph.D. candidates who hold a Medicine and Surgery degree may be authorized by the Doctoral Board to attend simultaneously a medical specialization Program and a Ph.D. Program (Legislative Decree n. 368 of 17/08/1999).
However, please, note that the Ph.D. scholarship is not compatible with emoluments related to medical specialization activities.

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