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Admission and requirement

UniTO selects prospective Ph.D. candidates through a yearly Call for applications for admission to Ph.D. Programs (Bando di Selezione). 

Applications can only be submitted through the specific online platform. Applications submitted in any different way will not be taken into account.

The Call for applications is open to candidates of all age and nationality who hold a second level degree (Master’s Degree level or equal qualification) which gives access to Ph.D. studies.

In case, within the deadline of the Call, you have not yet been awarded your second level degree, you can apply on condition that you achieve it
 no later than 31st October (please check the Call for applications for further details).

Information on admission requirements, evaluation procedure, and number of positions with or without scholarships are outlined in the "Call for applications" (Bando di Concorso) and in the “Program Info Sheet”. When the Call is open these documents are available at the page Partecipare al Concorso/Submitting your application.

All UniTO Ph.D. Programs make available positions with scholarship. For further information about scholarships, you can visit the page Financial support

Please, note that the selection process may vary according to the Ph.D. Program for which you apply.

If you hold a foreign degree, you must submit the documents listed below: 

  • Diplomas (or Official Certificates) of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree;
  • respective Transcripts of records;
    The lack of the above-mentioned documents entails an automatic exclusion from selections.
  •  official translations into English, French or Italian (if those original documents are in a different language. Please, note that other languages may be admissible if provided for in the annual Call).

and one of the following documents:

  • Diploma Supplement issued by the University where you graduated;
  • "Dichiarazione di valore in loco" (Declaration of value), attached to the official University Degree, obtained from the local Italian embassy/consulate (of the country where you obtained your degree), only in case your University cannot issue Diploma Supplement.
  • A certification of eligibility  (Comparability and Verification statements) issued by ENIC NARIC Centres.
    The Italian ENIC NARIC Center is CIMEA.

Please, find further information about Diploma Supplement and Dichiarazione di valore in loco.

If you already hold an official document issued by an Italian University stating that your foreign degree is equivalent to an Italian degree (Equipollenza), you must submit both the original qualification and the official Italian declaration of eligibility with your application. General information on full recognition of your foreign degree(s) in Italy are available on Cimea website.

After the closure of the Call for applications, international qualifications are assessed by an Examination Board that can declare them “Equivalent” or “Not Equivalent” to an Italian Master’s Degree.

This equivalence is valid only for the purpose of admission to selections. Obtaining the recognition does not mean passing the selection.

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