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Ph.D. Programs at the University of Turin are designed and offered within the Doctoral School. 
The Doctoral School coordinates the Ph.D. Programs and runs joint activities.

The Doctoral School comprises both Ph.D. Programs whose administrative headquarters are located at the University of Turin and joint Ph.D. Programs involving the University of Turin as a partner.


  1. To foster and implement strategic decisions concerning Ph.D. Programs.
  2. To foster, coordinate and organize interdisciplinary cultural events and training activities, each of which in accordance with the main features of each Ph.D. Program.
  3. To guarantee the quality of each Ph.D. Program through periodical assessment and evaluation.

The Doctoral School was established by the Rector’s Decree n. 3411/2018 , dated August 30th, 2018.


The Director of the Doctoral School is Prof. Alberto Rizzuti

Alberto Rizzuti (Turin, 1963) is Professor of Music at the University of Turin, the institution in which he obtained a Degree in Humanities in 1988. He also holds a PhD in Musicology from the University of Chicago (2001). He has taught at the Universities of Udine (1994-2000) and Genoa (2002-04). In the latter he worked while already serving at the University of Turin (2000-). He became Lecturer in 2005 and Full professor in 2015. At the University of Turin he has directed the graduate program in Comparative Modern Cultures (2010-2016) and the doctoral program in Humanities (2016-2018). Since 2018 he is the Director of the University Graduate School.

The Council is composed by four members belonging to the School Board, one for study area.


Alberto Rizzuti - The Humanities – Director of the School
Fabio Cesare BAGLIANO - Social and Economic Science
Paolo GAMBINO - Natural Sciences
Emilio HIRSCH - Life and Health Sciences

The School Board is composed by:

The School Board is composed of:

  • The School Director.
  • The Scientific Coordinators of the Ph.D. Programs whose administrative headquarters are at the University of Turin.
  • The representatives of Ph.D. Programs whose administrative headquarters are not located at the University of Turin.
  • Five Ph.D. candidates, one for each study area within Ph.D. Programs whose administrative headquarters are located at the University of Turin.

Four working groups are responsible for strategic activities: communication, training, fundraising and internationalization.



Alberto Rizzuti – Director of the School

Scientific Coordinators and Representatives of PhD Programmes:

Fabio Cesare BAGLIANO - PhD Program in Economics "Vilfredo Pareto"
Stefano BRESCIANI - PhD Program in Business and Management
Eleonora BONIFACIO - PhD Program in Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
Maria Teresa CAPUCCHIO - PhD Program in Veterinary Sciences for Food and Animal Safety
Roberta CAVALLI - PhD Program in Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences
Paola CIFARELLI - PhD Program in Arts and Humanities
Bartolomeo CIVALLERI - PhD Program in Chemical and Material Sciences
Luca COCOLIN - PhD Program in Food, Health and Longevity
Elena D'ALESSANDRO - PhD Program in Law, the Individual and the Market
Stefano DE MARTINO - PhD Program in Technology Driven Sciences: Technologies for Cultural Heritage (Tech4Culture)
Massimo DURANTE - PhD Program in Law Science and Technology
Anna Maria FERRERO - PhD Program in Earth Sciences
Anna Maria FINO– PhD Program in Pure and Applied Mathematics  
Paolo GAMBINO - PhD Program in Physics
Marco GRANGETTO - PhD Program in Computer Sciences
Emilio HIRSCH - PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences and Oncology
Carla MARELLO - PhD Program in Digital Humanities. Digital Technologies, Arts, Languages, Cultures and Communication
Enzo MEDICO - PhD Program in Complex Systems for Quantitative Biomedicine 
Federica MORELLI - PhD Program in Global History of Empires
Federico MUSSANO - PhD Program in Bioengineering and medical and surgical Sciences
Francesco NOVELLI - PhD Program in Molecular Medicine
Pasquale PAGLIARO - PhD Program in Experimental Medicine and Therapy
Silvia PEROTTO - PhD Program in Biological Sciences and Applied Biotechnologies
Francesco QUATRARO - PhD Program in Innovation for the Circular Economy
Gabriella Margherita RACCA - PhD Program in Law and Institutions
Gianfranco RAGONA - PhD Program in Social and Political Change
Giovanni Battista RAMELLO - PhD Program in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law (IEL)
Paola RUMORE - PhD Program in Philosophy
Laura Lea SACERDOTE - PhD Program in Modeling and Data Science
Carlo SALONE - PhD Program in Urban and Regional Development
Marco SASSOE' POGNETTO - PhD Program in Neurosciences
Giovanni SEMI - PhD Program in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research
Marco TAMIETTO - PhD Program in Psychological, Anthropological and Educational Sciences
Massimo VALLERANI - PhD Program in Archaeological, Historical and Historical-Artistic Sciences
Franco VEGLIO - PhD Program in Medical Physiopathology

PhD Candidates’ Representatives currently in office:

Davide Lucien PATONO - Natural Sciences area
Francesca ALLOATTI - Natural Sciences area
Barbara MORONI - Life and Health Sciences area
Claudio BRASSO - Life and Health Sciences area
Eugenia JONA - Social and Economic Science area
Clara SEGHESIO - The Humanities
Andrea ZARDI - The Humanities

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