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Ph.D. with companies and institutions

The Ph.D. represents a preferred solution for scientific collaboration between the University of Turin and academic and non-academic institutions for exchanging knowledge and expertise in innovation.

In accordance with the Ministerial Decree 45/2013, the Ph.D. provides the skills needed to carry out high qualified research activities in public and private institutions as well as in private practice.  The Ph.D. can:

  • make innovative expertise available to companies and contribute to research and development, innovation and technology transfer;
  • strengthen collaboration between university and companies on regional and national territory with the purpose of develop innovative research outcomes;
  • consolidate scientific collaboration between national and international universities.

Means of collaboration between institutions and Ph.D.

Collaboration within the frame of Ph.D. can take place through:

  • funding a Ph.D. scholarship;
  • funding an apprenticeship position;
  • the establishment of a Ph.D. Program in agreement with companies, with the opportunity to reserve positions for company employees.
  • the establishment of a Ph.D. Program in agreement or consortium with other national and international universities and research institutions.

Scholarship funding

Institutions and companies can start or consolidate a scientific collaboration within Ph.D. with the University of Turin, working on research topics of common interest.

In order to access this opportunity, institutions and companies can fund scholarships for attending Ph.D. Programs by signing specific agreements with the University of Turin.

Useful documents:

Funding costs for Ph.D. scholarships

Agreement sample to start and fund 37th cycle Ph.D. scholarships

Ph.D. Apprenticeship Contract

The Ph.D. apprenticeship contract allows to combine apprenticeship and doctorate, with the purpose to develop a research project of common interest between the University of Turin and companies.

It is intended for graduated students aged less than 30 at the time of recruitment. The company and University jointly agree on aPh.D. project which consists of training periods within the company and at University. At the end of the path, the Ph.D. degree is awarded.

Ph.D. in agreement with companies

According to Ministerial Decree 45/2013, universities can establish industrial Ph.D. Programs based on specific agreements between companies and universities.

The industrial Ph.D. Program allows companies to involve their employees, already engaged in highly qualifying activities, in this kind of Ph.D. Program upon passing the relevant admission selections.

Within the framework of the industrial Ph.D. Program, companies and institutions can train their employees by developing a research project of common interest, establishing, with an individual training program, the way the research activity will be performed within the company and the employee’s division of overall commitment.

The University of Turin has established the following PhD Programs in agreements with companies:

Modeling and Data Science

Innovation for the Circular economy

Ph.D. in agreement or consortium with universities or research institutes

In accordance with Ministerial Decree 45/2013, universities can establish Ph.D. Programs in agreement or consortium by signing specific agreements with:

  • Italian and international universities, resulting in the issue of double or multiple Ph.D. degree;
  • Public or private research institutes, resulting in the issue of Ph.D. degree by the University of Turin.

Within this framework, universities or research institutes in agreement or consortium are required to join the Ph.D. Doctoral Board and put at disposal financial resources and operational and scientific facilities able to ensure Ph.D. sustainability.

The University of Turin has established the following Ph.D Programs in agreement or consortium with other national and international universities:

Ph.D. Program University in agreement/consortium
Bioengineering and medical and surgical sciences Politecnico di Torino
Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law Anglo American University Prague
Digital Humanities. Digital Technologies, Arts, Languages, Cultures and Communication University of Genoa
Philosophy University of Genoa, Pavia University, University of Eastern Piedmont
Food Health and Longevity University of Eastern Piedmont
Global History of Empires Higher School of Economics Saint Petersburg
Law, Science and Technology

Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna

Pure and applied Mathematics Politecnico di Torino
Social and Political Change University of Florence
Sociology and Methodology of Social Research University of Milan
Urban and Regional Development Politecnico di Torino
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