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Within 30 days from the publication of the final merit ranking list, successful applicants, with or without scholarship, must confirm their acceptance by:

  • enrolling online
  • paying the tuition fees for the enrollment in PhD Programs, as set out in the University Regulation of Taxes and Contribution (available here). 

Please, note that, if these steps are not taken, successful applicants shall no longer be entitled to enroll.

Qualified applicants shall not enroll. In case the final ranking list slides, they are contacted by the Ph.D. Office.


Before starting the online enrollment, successful applicants must prepare one PDF file for each required document (listed below) to be attached during the enrollment procedure.

In case of technical problems, it is necessary to inform the Ph.D. Office (, which shall take them into account if the enrollment does not occur within the deadline advertised in the Call for applications.

The enrollment is officialized by the Ph.D. Office within the end of September.

37th Ph.D. Programs start on November 1st, 2021.

Please, find the Guidelines for Enrollment

  1. enrollment form (Form A)
  2. bank account details –only successful applicants with scholarship (Form B)
  3. declaration about working activities (Form C)
  4. a copy of the Tax Code (Codice Fiscale)

  1. enrollment form (Form A)
  2. bank account details –only successful applicants with scholarship (Form B)
  3. declaration about working activities (Form C)
  4. a photocopy of Passport and Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale
  5. original or certified copies of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree
  6. original or certified copies of Bachelor’s and Master’s transcripts
  7. original or certified copy of "Dichiarazione di valore in loco" or Diploma Supplement or a certification of eligibility  (Comparability and Verification statements) issued by ENIC NARIC Centres.

Please, note that degree documentation (points 5, 6 and 7) must be uploaded in one single PDF file.

Furthermore, successful applicant holding a foreign degree shall be contacted by the Ph.D. Office to make an online meeting for checking original documents. The enrolment shall be completed only after this meeting.

Within October 31st , 2021, successful candidates who applied under condition must inform the Ph.D. Office ( when their degree is awarded by sending:

  •  Annex 3 (soon available) – Candidates with an Italian qualification
  • original or certified copies of their second cycle degree – Candidates with a foreign qualification

Please, note that Ph.D. Candidates with scholarship must register with INPS Gestione Separata (National Social Insurance Agency) from November 1st, 2021.

Guidelines for INPS registration will be soon available.

Warning: in the event that the required documents are not submitted, and fees are not paid, successful applicant will be no longer entitled to enroll, even if the ranking list slides and scholarships reallocated (except in the case of technical problems communicated within the enrollment deadline).   

For any doubts, please, read the FAQs.

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