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Coronavirus: aggiornamenti per la comunità universitaria / Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Community

Renewal of the enrollment

At the end of each academic year, in order to renew their enrollments, Ph.D. candidates must:

  • submit an annual progress report on their research activities to the Doctoral Board that will assess it according to their established criteria
  • upon positive assessment of their research work, Ph.D. candidates may enroll for a new academic year and pay the relative fees (please, see the “Taxes and Fees Regulation”, available at this page).

Administrative deadlines may vary according to the academic year, the Ph.D. cycle and the Program of enrolment.
All Ph.D. candidates will receive detailed information at their UniTO e-mail address ( on how to proceed with their enrolment renewal. The Ph.D. Administrative Office will also send guidelines on fees payment and deadlines.

Ph.D. candidates with no scholarship or fee-exempt are invited to contact the Ph.D. Office ( to receive further information on how to fulfil their tax-related duties.

Fees and taxes can be paid online via PagoPA by logging in to MyUnito with student credentials. Re-enrolment is confirmed once the payment has been accepted by the University online system. Submission of payment receipts is not required.

Last update: 04/11/2020 14:13
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