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Ph.D. candidates are expected to complete individual activities, such as research, dissemination, and training activities. More information is available on the “Research Training” and “Complementary Training” webpages.

Training activities are planned and organized by the Doctoral Board of each Ph.D. Program. The Doctoral Board also sets the requirements and the standards that each Ph.D. candidate must meet in order to renew the enrolment and to be admitted to the final examination. 

Ph.D. candidates must plan their individual activities with their supervisors, who must constantly be informed and consulted on their training, research, and dissemination activities.
The Doctoral Board and supervisors monitor the progress that each Ph.D. candidate makes in carrying out his/her research project and verify fulfilments regarding training activities.

Useful information:

  • In the a.y. 2021/221, Ph.D. Programs start on Novemeber 1st, 2021.
  • A supervisor is appointed by the Doctoral Board for each Ph.D. candidate at the beginning of his/her Program.
  • Each supervisor is appointed according to the Ph.D. candidate’s research project and provides advice and guidance also for the writing and submission of her/his final dissertation.
  • In case of collaboration with firms or research bodies, co-supervisors (even external to the University of Turin) may be appointed.
  • Ph.D. candidates are expected to be committed full-time to their training and research activities at the University of Turin.
  • The main location for research and study is the Hosting Department, that is the Department of the Ph.D. candidate’s supervisor.
  • It is possible to spend a period off-campus for research and training purposes. This period cannot be longer than half of the entire length of the Ph.D. Program.
  • A presentation of the Doctoral School and services provided by the Ph.D. Office is offered to all Ph.D. candidates at the beginning of each doctoral cycle.
  • The insurance services of the University of Turin provide cover to the PhD Candidates against risks associated with institutional teaching and research activities. The main policies available are: accidents policy and  third party liability policy. The insurance coverage starts and ends with the PhD Program legal lenght.
  • At the beginning of the program, PhD Candidates have to take an online safety training. The PhD Office sends details by email about this.


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