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Incompatible activities

Working during the Ph.D.

The priority of a Ph.D. candidate is the completion of his/her research training. Upon approval of the Doctoral Board, Ph.D. candidates may be involved in undergraduate teaching, lecturing, tutoring and in clinical activities when compatible with their courses of study.
In the circumstance of paid work (employment or self-employed activity), Ph.D. candidates must report it at the time of the enrollment. Any work activity not related to the doctoral research requires the approval of the Doctoral Board in compliance with the existing legislation.

Concurrent Enrolment

Enrolment in a Ph.D. Program is not compatible with the concurrent enrollment in the following other university Programs:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Laurea Triennale) or Master’s Degrees (Laurea Magistrale)
  • Italian Master’s Degree
  • Specialization Schools
  • Specialization Programs offered by recognized private institutions (L 127/1997 art. 17 comma 96).

Ph.D. candidates who hold a Medicine and Surgery degree may be allowed to attend simultaneously the last year of medical specialization Program within the University of Turin and the first year of a Ph.D. Program (D.Lgs n. 368 del 17/08/1999).
Further information is provided in the Ph.D. School Regulation.

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